You are more than your income.

It's time for a change.

Explore the Trust Genesis

Earning less should not make you a bad borrower or pay expensive loans.

We don't need new tech.

We need to create together a human network where we can securely trust each others.

By taking care of each others,
we can share without worries.

How ?

Can we build a secure way to trust people beyond their income?

It's everybody's investment

We propose you to collectively invest and be rewarded from it.

While your savings at the bank does not bring you any interest,

The community shares the risk taken
hence lower the cost for short-term borrowing.

Together, we can take care of each other and start changing (building a people's fair finance) the system.

It's a new trust ecosystem

The trust we place in each others helps us create the value we deserve.

While banks charges you huge interest rates, the community offers you the possibility to borrow at acceptable costs
because it trusts you and shares the risks.

In order to enable this, we need to build a collective borrower approval scoring with the people that trusts and believe in you.

That's where borrowing and investing finds it's balance.

It's empowering you

The more you know how things work,
the more you can have an impact.

By participating into the ecosystem,
you will be able to share and solve problems
with the help from people like you.

Day after day, the growing collective knowlegde will sustain us
in a way we could have never imagined.

Let's proove
we are smarter together

Other have done this before.

If you agree with our philosophy,
you are welcome to join our Alpha program
and give yourself a chance to grow
while building a democratized people's finance!

Regain control over your finance life !